About ten years ago, I travelled in the Ayahuasca plant medicine. Hypersensitive and present in the here and now. The substance of neutrinos literally sensing, rushing through my body, each and every one of them touching and cracking cells. Purely in contact with the purest part of myself or what could still be purified, touched by the packages of neutrinos. Brung to light by the filtering of the sun, the planets and other stars.

The ceremonial leader at the time usually travelled along with the medicine and mentioned out loud the changing of the tide, which I was very keen to hear: “Fasten your seatbelts and here we go!”. A roller coaster of intense emotions was launched, followed by the most insane images. Thought I’d never get out of it and the next day I stood there again, raising a glass for the Buddha; ‘for Mankind and the Earth’.

That purity in feeling then, I experience now without medicine. Then there is the tough day or part of the day again, without Ayahuasca, where there is again ‘fasten your seatbelts’. New frequencies, neutrinos come through and old values and constructions may be dissolved, released and burned out. Being present and feeling. Generally working then does not work. At least not difficult tasks. The brain slows down and asks very consciously to take action or even just to observe.

When I am in meditation I tune in. Sometimes as close as possible to the source of the focal point, to the root, or the contact point where the subconscious touches the body. It doesn’t get a chance to become an emotion, an image or a story. Because of the sharp one-pointed attention, the focus at the root is already alchemically converted. This continues until it has finished converting information.

Sometimes I am just somewhere in the surroundings of the focal point, providing space for the process. By letting the focal point expand and ‘holding space’, the unseen becomes visible and transforms itself. Then often other fireplaces pop up as well, which are touched and go along with it. If there is one sheep over the dam… release follows after release. These can be all kinds of sensations of heavy stabbing, pains, itching, pulsing, turning, pulling, pressing but also fears; mental, existential or nervous qualities which, if I let them do their job, make themselves known as shame, guilt and oppression.

The subconscious, through the control of the incoming neutrinos, also called Evolution of Mutation, allows old material or Sankara’s in the body to emerge in order to dissolve. Expressed by all kinds of vibrations in the body. No judgement, neutrality, equanimity, loving kindness in co-creation with attention in the here and now, is thé Key for the conversion to the new frequencies, to light, to synergy. It is pure Alchemy. It brings synergy in the body and in the subconscious. So inside, so outside. This is how my perception of the outside world changes.

How do I know where to tune in to? To focus on the focal point, or to give space to the process, or to be only the observer of the whole, takes a lot of practice, experience and self-study. Practice of being, surrender, not doing and start the action from here. It is mastering the mind. It is the Sacred Marriage of the masculine and feminine in progress. The synergy of the receptive and the strategic. The Whole Brain. It’s about riding my horse without reins. My horse knows the way. With confidence in life in the background. The trust frequency. I call it Conscious Evolution.

In this time the conversion of frequencies has become an almost daily activity. The frequency of the Earth is rising and we are entering a new ‘Global Cycle’. It is essential to have your instruments on board when you are asked to use them. Daily practice is a must for me. My experience in building a good basis on which to build the practice is a 10-day Vipassana course. After that, practicing this meditation technique 2 times a day for one hour will ensure the maintenance and development of the above and will bear fruit in the long run. In this time of great transformation it is essential to be able to retreat to the island of peace and quiet where your Essence can develop further.

When the light of ‘Fasten your seatbelts’ is off again, the insights will come, there will be more lightness, things will become clear, more liveliness and innovation. It has made sense again. Even though it didn’t really feel that way at the moment of the conversion. Next time I will do it again because I have No Choice! That is what I am here for. All of us, consciously or unconsciously. I go for Conscious Evolution. You too?

Delilah, Ambassador for Conscious Evolution