Dear outrages lovers we love to invite you for a

Co-Creation Experience weekend at our home.

Practise our unique self in co-creating greater wholes with other unique selves. Weaving together within Eros a new configuration of intimacy and desire. Playing a larger game in the sea of the Goddess in the intimate and sacred space of our home. Where we can melt together as imagenal cells and open up to our genius.

What we provide is a save and sacred space to transform in. We know it’s a very delicate process to let go of our masks, our defence-mechanisms in order to really co-create and not just having a party. We build that sacred space together to weave our auras in time to deeply feel relaxed and safe in our presence together. This supports us to open up and share our authenticity with each other and really enjoy ourselves sharing who we truly are amongst other outrages lovers. While we just sit, feel, listen in silence, the auras do the work, we surrender to what is, sink into the present moment, the goddess, the source. We fall into ourselves and into each other as a whole. We know it’s a very fragile process. Therefore we call it a ceremony. It’s a sacred space, ground and circle where we go on a journey with each other.

There will be holding space and structure to open up, connect, share, meditate and reflect. Lots of open space for being, expressing and co-creating. You can share our dreams and ideas of your genius, essence. What is that thing that is truely yours and want to bring into the world.

We invite you in our home on 23-24 November. Starting at 15.00u. Doors open 14.30u. Till Sunday 17.00u.

We ask to contribute €150,-. All included. Delicious Vegan Meals, drinks and sleep over. There will be no alcohol.

You sleep on a couch, matras or bed. You have to take your own bedlinnen and a duvet.

We live on the edge of a nature-reserve the Strabrechtse heide in Heeze (nearby Eindhoven): Strabrecht 2. We can pick you up from the train station in our village.

If you want to be part of the co-creative experience send an email to