Co-creation experience

Co-creation experience

Dear outrages lovers we love to invite you for a

Co-Creation Experience weekend at our home.

Practise our unique self in co-creating greater wholes with other unique selves. Weaving together within Eros a new configuration of intimacy and desire. Playing a larger game in the sea of the Goddess in the intimate and sacred space of our home. Where we can melt together as imagenal cells and open up to our genius.

What we provide is a save and sacred space to transform in. We know it’s a very delicate process to let go of our masks, our defence-mechanisms in order to really co-create and not just having a party. We build that sacred space together to weave our auras in time to deeply feel relaxed and safe in our presence together. This supports us to open up and share our authenticity with each other and really enjoy ourselves sharing who we truly are amongst other outrages lovers. While we just sit, feel, listen in silence, the auras do the work, we surrender to what is, sink into the present moment, the goddess, the source. We fall into ourselves and into each other as a whole. We know it’s a very fragile process. Therefore we call it a ceremony. It’s a sacred space, ground and circle where we go on a journey with each other.

There will be holding space and structure to open up, connect, share, meditate and reflect. Lots of open space for being, expressing and co-creating. You can share our dreams and ideas of your genius, essence. What is that thing that is truely yours and want to bring into the world.

We invite you in our home on 23-24 November. Starting at 15.00u. Doors open 14.30u. Till Sunday 17.00u.

We ask to contribute €150,-. All included. Delicious Vegan Meals, drinks and sleep over. There will be no alcohol.

You sleep on a couch, matras or bed. You have to take your own bedlinnen and a duvet.

We live on the edge of a nature-reserve the Strabrechtse heide in Heeze (nearby Eindhoven): Strabrecht 2. We can pick you up from the train station in our village.

If you want to be part of the co-creative experience send an email to

Co-creation experience


Barbara Marx Hubbard and the Evolutionairy Ambassadors Academy

Since januari 2019 Delilah is part of the Evolutionaire Ambassadors Academy which has been initiated and lead by Barbara Marx Hubbard till she died on 10 april 2019.

Barbara was an American visionairy known from the Conscious Evolution theory, the wheel of cocreation and the Syncon. She run for vice-president in 1984. Barbara was mentoring a group of Ambassadors for Conscious Evolution. She handed over her torch she said, not knowing it would really happen.

This is a presentation from Jules and Delilah for the Evolutionairy Ambassadors Academy is on may 23 2019. Look for the video in the sidebar on the right. Here is the text and pictures.



Evolutionary Ambassadors Academy

May 23 2019

Delilah Verhoeven

Telorotic means: In love with the fulfilment of the potential of the Whole. We recognize our growth motivation as the final force of evolution urging us toward self-fulfilment and wholeness

                                                                                                          Barbara Marx Hubbard


Human design is a synthesis of four ancient esoteric systems with modern science: Astrology, Kabbalah, Chakra system and I’Ching, these are four ancient esoteric systems or early sciences, four distinct ways of understanding the rhythm and flow of life, the cosmos and humanity’s essential place within it. This combined with modern science; quantum physics; neutrinos and the Magnetic Monopole. All together they form the basis of a new, multi-faced and deeply complex system, providing us with a comprehensive means of understanding the mystery of life and the mechanics of the universe. The synergy of this whole makes it much greater than the sum of its many parts.

Human Design gives you the big picture all the way to the limits of the Universe and thousands of other pictures all the way down to the tiny, tiny subatomic particles of neutrinos. It has applications in psychology, history, physical and cultural anthropology, nutrition, astrology, spiritual systems, genetics, astrophysics, economics, sociology, communications, politics, marketing, business, personnel management, relationships, sex, family, children, and on and on and on. Its applications are infinite.


Human Design is founded by Ra Uru Hu in January 1987, when he had as he said an encounter with the voice: “I experienced a transmission of information from a Design Crystal bundle. I experienced it in the limitation of what I am as a man. The limitation of my culture, my knowledge, my awareness. After all, I invented ‘The Voice’. There is no way to explain these things other than what we can handle. So we describe things in the way we can. And we identify them in the way in which we can.”

“You can call a bundle ‘a ghost’ and you can call it ‘a demon’, ‘a spirit’, ‘an elf’, ‘an alien’, ‘an angel’. But it is part of the consciousness field of the totality. And it is this crystal consciousness field that is imprinted by the larger program, by the planet’s own program…. there is a greater consciousness field not impacted directly by the Sun and the planets; it is there to respond to the movement of the stellar background field. Because this is the greater program.

“The Human Design System is not a belief system. It doesn’t require you believe in anything. It doesn’t require that you believe in me. It is not stories. It is not philosophy. It is a concrete map to the nature of being. It is a logical way in which we can see ourselves.”

There is also a connection made with the Supernova 1987a. On 24th February 1987, at the Las Campanas Observatory in Chile, astronomers discovered and, for the first time, photographed a supernova, a dying star. There had not been one observed for 400 years since Johan Kepler in 1604. The supernova 1987a, also named Sandleak, was a blue supergiant some 170,000 light years from Earth. Eighteen hours earlier on February 23rd, the huge neutrino detector facility of Super Kamokande in Japan detected powerful pulses of neutrinos from 1987a passing through the Earth. For fourteen minutes, everybody on this planet received three times as many neutrinos as normal. 1987a bombarded our planet with a deluge of subatomic information with its dying breath.

Human Design is a new kind of awakening. It is a process of coming to awareness that aligns our mind and body with their appropriate roles. It requires making an ally of the mind through understanding the mechanics of our design while simultaneously living our lives according to our Strategy and Authority. Once we understand the nature of the true self and the not-self, and are making life decisions from our personal Authority, we can release our attachment to the mind and its control over our lives, and free its incredible gifts to be of service to others. In doing so, we become aware and awake passengers, and our minds become objective observers of our life.

Each individual’s singular path to awakening begins with a growing awareness of our sophisticated body’s heightened intelligence, and a deep trust in this intelligence to be our compass through life. We cannot, dare not, release our mind’s hold until we know we can trust ourselves implicitly. By fully trusting our own ability to navigate life, we become more accepting of ourselves, and able to genuinely love ourselves and others. This, in Human Design, is the point of personal transformation – seeing through the illusion, and moving through life awake and aware.



This is a human design bodygraph, a blueprint of a person, a chart with individualized genetic information. It’s an energetic map to your uniqueness. Allowing you to access and activate your gift and purpose to the world.

It’s holding information of the neutrino-imprint at the time of birth and 3 months before. These are our personal codes. On the left side we find codes coming from the earth, the body, the ancestors, our DNA, the unconscious part. We call it Design. On the right side are the codes from the universe, the formal lives, the soul, the conscious part. We call it the Personality.

The Personality is who you think you are; the Design is how you are genetically programmed to move through time and space.

These two complete different aspects merge into the bodygraph and are held together by the Magnetic Monopole as an integrated field, a mystical union. It can also be likened to a forced marriage because the two aren’t naturally compatible.

The personality thinks it’s in charge of the life while, in fact, it’s the Design and the Magnetic Monopole that actually are. Most of the conflicts that arise, and the resistance you meet in life, stem from the Personality trying to manage your life rather than assuming its proper role which is to sit in the back seat and enjoy the ride.



Most of the people live a conditioned not awakened live and are controlled by our minds, addicted to one way of thinking. Living as a sheep in the herd.

When the Personality passenger is surrendered to its Strategy and Authority, given from the Human Design system, its starts to de-condition.


Eventually the Personality and Design can live in harmony, in union, as they individually perform their intended roles. This is when you find your path, and when the foundation for all love emerges – the love of self. This is when the Magnetic Monopole connects us to our movement in time and space, guides us along our path in life, what we call destiny or living our soul-purpose.  This is where we become conscious of our Evolution.

The Magnetic Monopole is the microcosm connecting to macrocosm.

The Magnetic Monopole is situated in the sternum. This is also where I found my Essence or maybe Barbara could call it Essential Self. This is what I experienced last year that my Essence opened and that I felt as a spiritual birth. At that time I recognized and resonated with Barbara and absorbed her teachings.

Human Design is known as the science of differentiation. It teaches us about our uniqueness, what it is to be uniquely ourselves within the totality. The system is deeply layered, this is only the surface. Here you can see that everybody is authentic and has a unique gift to bring, a unique role to play and to live our deepest heart desire. To survive the quantum leap in today’s evolution is being who you truly are.


This may be the bodygraph of Barbara Marx Hubbard. We don’t know the time of birth. But we know for sure that she has the Incarnation Cross of the Vessel of Love: When engaging and enriching and empowering individuating behaviours, they push the world toward love by being fully themselves and loving their difference.


The coloured in parts are our codes, our themes, our talents. It’s the potential we grow into over our lifetime. It’s also a transmitter, a defining frequency that is sent out into the world through aura.

The open centres are our living classroom and after time the ultimate source of the wisdom that we share with others. It’s telling us which challenges and fears we will face. These are the receivers; that’s where we experience, reflect and magnify the energies we take in from others. That’s where the talking mind keeps us busy. There we are vulnerable for conditioning.

We all start our lives conditioned.  Not to be who we are. In this not-self we live a life of drama, suffering and in slavery. We survive.

Self hatred comes from hating the wrong person. You hate yourself because you are not the real you and you don’t know that.


In 1781, enormous transition began to take place, a transition that is in a sense the beginning of an end.  That is the beginning of the end of the process of Homo Sapiens. In other words, we are coming to the finality of the potential of our development. For the 7 Centered Beings, our ancestors, everything was Strategic.  It was about being able to secure themselves against all the threats that they perceived around them.


For the 9 Centered Beings, everything about our way of life is meant to determine not by our need for survival and to defend ourselves. Our very capacity is to be able to nurture and protect and to flower in our consciousness.

In 1781 when we moved to the 9 Centered being, we also moved to something else.  We moved to the possibility of being the midwife to the future.  It is through us that the next variation of our specie is going to emerge. Our history, our unique history, began in 1781.

It is only now that we are beginning to awaken to what is our essential nature. The 9 Centered Being is unlike our predecessors able to operate successfully in a totally different way. We operate at the level of cognition that we’ve never been able as our specie to experience before.

The 9 Centered Being emerged in 1781. We are actually a binary.  We are a true duality in the possibility of cognition.

On one side, lies our historical relationship to our ancestors. We call this Strategic.

This Left orientation, this Strategic orientation is deeply focused.  It is highly active and focused.  And this is of course what we inherited from the past.  But we are different.

The 9 Centered being carries something else. It carries in equality to its Leftness , its Rightness.  And Rightness is not at all Strategic. It is Receptive. Everything about the nature of Right Consciousness is about its fundamental ability to be able to breathe things in, to take things in, differently from the Strategic Beings. We never had this. That emergence of the Right is something that has not been in our evolutionary development since Neanderthal.


It is all connected to what is coming in 2027. That is the transformation of our third Awareness centre, the Solar Plexus Centre The transformation of the Solar Plexus away from its motor function and to its potential for awareness. That awareness is expressed through our Right Sidedness. The Rightness in us is deep sensitive to frequencies that Strategic is not aware of.  Those frequencies are there in the electro-magnetic field and also in the auric field. The sensitivity to touch the deep inner dynamic of mind. All of this is part of the emergence of the Right, they emerge in 1781. We call them Homo Sapiens Intransitus or as Barbara Marx Hubbard would say Homo Universalis. So we are in transition to a totally new specie. We are an in between specie.


As a human species we have 3 Awareness centres. 2 of them are already fully developed.

The first one from single cell to animal. We call it the Spleen. This Splenic Center governs the immune system and operates in the now, spontaneously and existentially. When this center developed we were 5 centered humans, Homo erectus.

After this we developed the Ajna, the conceptualisation center, the mind as a Homo sapiens. This is the 7 centered human who lived a mind dominated live. The Ajna center is a processing hub, transforming the pressure of inspiration from the Head Center, into useful information for review, research and communication.

The third one is the Solar Plexus Center. It governs emotions and operates on a biochemical, oscillating wave over time. In its developing process it reached a very crucial point right now.  The Solar Plexus began a mutative process several thousand years ago, sometime between the birth of Buddha and the birth of Jesus, moving us toward a new kind of awareness referred to as spirit awareness. The process will be culminated when it is cosmically supported beginning in 2027.

Spirit Consciousness is the opposite of differentiation; it is about oneness, and experiencing ourselves as a single entity. Such consciousness results when the emotional waves between two or more beings are in resonance. As a highly differentiated, interregnum species, we cannot even imagine how it will feel to share such consciousness so deeply with others. This developing awareness lies beneath the surface of our present emotional system.


As 9-centered beings we are just beginning to explore, and to discover experientially, the breadth and depth and comprehensive implications of this Solar Plexus mutation that we are all a part of. What we do know is that when we bypass the mind’s conditioning, and live our differentiation and our own truth by understanding, accepting and loving who we are, we free spirit consciousness to mature on the planet, and move the mutation toward its future  fulfilment.


Homo erectus – rave overview



This is also a model I’m working with. The emerging of Spirit Consciousness. Spirit, Soul or the Personality incarnates in the 9-centered body, the DNA of our ancestors. Through deconditioning we heal, purify and grow in awareness of our highly differentiated unique being.

We mature into wholeness, when we break through the ceiling and the bottom of this whole-form, we enter in our higher- and deeper self. Then our essence or essential self opens up and our authentic codes starts revealing themselves. It’s a spiritual birth, the emergence of Spirit Consciousness.



You thrive on live force energy generated from this process. You will start regenerating. You develop the energetic torus. The torus is a self energizing system operating independently. All liveforms has this torus, like trees and the earth.





This is how we connect with each other in the ascended form of the Spirit Consciousness. There is no attachment , no entanglement or a bargain. The Spirit or Christ Consciousness is pointed out in the cross of the Christ; that’s the vertical alignment with these Selves, the Universal- and Earth Consciousness and the horizontal connection with each other through recognition and resonance.




With the strategic mind we think of time as linear. With the receptive mind we see it as cyclic. Old trauma’s, the burden of the past always returns in the here and now until we’ve transformed it. Depending on your awareness in the here and now it can create new misery or lighter living. Through deconditioning, following your strategy and authority, you stop the process of conditioning and become more and more focused in the now. This allows you to feel  your bodily sensations in the present moment. They are created through the neutrino current in resonance with the defilements in the subconscious. The neutrino current is the Evolutionary impulse working through us, imprinting us every day. We get 65 billon neutrinos per second per cm2 from the Sun.

drawing; Hans Andeweg

So we can heal consciously or be in chaos en crisis, creating suffering. Healing and deconditioning from all programming you create more love, synchronicity, freedom, consciousness and power. This is an everyday practice. You don’t get there with doing a workshop or listening to an enlightened story.  Letting go of the old paradigm. It is hard work. Allowing evolution works through you and then be evolution yourself.

We have developed the mind for the last 85.000 year and learned to make decisions from the mind. We are just 238 years out of the developing and therefore conditioned to still make the decisions from the mind. So that’s a powerful force we have to be conscious of. It’s an every minute practice to be aware of the conditioned mind. I am practicing this with Vipassana to not judge, to be aware and equanimity.

2012 was indeed a marker; the last 7 centered being died. When there is still a 7 centered human on earth, they conditioned through the neutrino streaming other people holding them in the old ways. Mayan was absolutely correct, because on that day in that year, there was that last being carrying this frequency and they indeed disappeared and took it with them.

We are the precursors for the Rave, the next specie of the human race. The first will be born in 2027. We are midwifes for what comes next. We will build fertile ground for them to come in and survive. They join genes to join genius. They will find each other through resonance and recognition. They cannot be conditioned by the mind. They are in the here and now and in Oneness. It sounds like something from a science-fiction novel – an extraordinarily different human species born of humans, which Ra prophesized would begin to show up on Earth after 2027. “The Rave” is a term for these beings that will not operate from the mind, but are designed to operate in fully conscious “Pentas” – an entity that we can hardly conceive of being.


A Penta is a Trans-personal Form. The Penta Aura is formed when there are three to five individuals in regular proximity to each other. Ra describes them to be like “a complex battery.” With no “I” in the Rave, just “We” – he says they are not something we can have a natural relationship to.






Cross of planning coming to an end.

Global Cycles are rooted in the Hindu Brahmin Astrological understanding of the precession of the Equinox. In other words are background movement or frequencies, the vast of movement of the way in which we operate relative to the solar system and the Galaxy. This Evolutionary movement of  time are values. In Human Design they called the Global Cycles we’ve been in since 1615 ‘the Cross of Planning’. This Cycle will close in 2027.

A background frequency is very deep and profound.  And it is the frequency that is there that guides us and shapes us, and has been doing so for hundreds of years. In 1615 was the enormous explosion of what became known as the Industrial Age. The Cross of Planning is about building community. It gave us fundamental codes or memes of the way in which our civilizations have developed. It is the bond of Community to protect itself, to have its religions, to be able to have its resources and to defend itself. It is our modern civilization and the way in which we operate in relation to each other. It brought the contractures of the agreement between those that govern and those that are governed. It’s the bargain that created the ability for human beings to live in a vastly over-populated environment and still manage to live in some kind of peacefulness.

The other part of the Cross of Planning is about Detail, Enthusiasm and all about our potential for talent. We’ve been living in an Age in which the Detail of Talent is created secular knowledge that is there to protect us. The Rise of the Secular God-Head: medicine as an example, science as an example, relligion.

The industrialization of the world, the way in which we’ve been educated, the way in which educational institutions were developed.  The way in which our society operates, the way in which we develop in society, the structures, the institutions. This is all Cross of Planning.

There is a vanity in people that assume that these are there, that we built it, that we wanted to build it.  And we are going to look after it in the future. And it’s not the case. This Cross of Planning Cycle will come to an end in Feb of 2027. And the whole new Cycle the sleeping Phoenix will begin on this plane. It is going to change our world greatly. The inherent Bargain that binds us all its breaking down. You can see it in institutions of the world today. They are beginning to sink into the sand. We are facing crisis and chaos.

drawing: Juan Carlos Kaiten

Thunderbolt from the OSHO Zen Tarot

The card shows a tower being burned, destroyed, blown apart. A man and a woman are leaping from it not because they want to, but because they have no choice. In the background is a transparent, meditating figure representing the witnessing consciousness. You might be feeling pretty shaky right now, as if the earth is rocking beneath your feet. Your sense of security is being challenged, and the natural tendency is to try to hold on to whatever you can.

But this inner earthquake is both necessary and tremendously important–if you allow it, you will emerge from the wreckage stronger and more available for new experiences. After the fire, the earth is replenished; after the storm the air is clear. Try to watch the destruction with detachment, almost as if it were happening to somebody else. Say yes to the process by meeting it halfway.


This I saw, making this presentation. I see the falling down of the industrialized world beginning with the heart of it; the World Trade Centres in New York. Out of that merged on Point Zero two lights. As Pluto is going through Capricorn, burning the structures of our civilised world to the ground and out of its ashes becomes a new. The rising of the Sleeping Phoenix. This Point Zero says: ‘We start again at Zero’. It also refers to the Zero Point Field.


Grounded in and emergence out of the Zero Point Field is the Homo Universalis. The 9-centered awaken whole brain, torus form, aligned human. This in between specie who will transform the world through knowing who he is and living his true potential. This is how we build our new world.

As Ambassadors for Conscious Evolution we can hold the frequency of the Homo Universalis by being it. Holding ground of this Zero Point Field. Aligning with Spirit and holding space whatever happens.

I see Don, holding the peace frequency, Andrew and Connie the trust frequency, Andrew Heart and Oneness, Sharon the sacred female and earth body, Erika weaving destiny, Cindy the new news, Pleasance the green party, Stephen the torch carrier for our group, Robert new fuels or economics.. and so on……


In this wheel of co-creation we amplify and synchronize; we are greater as the sum of our parts. We grow stronger, deeper and powerful frequency holders that whatever happens will hold ground. We can be Key holders of the new era by unlocking our own codes.


RA Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix: Waking up to the illusion of Self

Alokanand Diaz (Human Design teacher): “Waking up through the pain of separation is the Karma of the Not-Self. There is only breathing and not knowing. What to do. Hold on to your key and let go into the only fire that is truly holy; your own Breath. We are self reflected consciousness. There is no difference between the dream and the dreamer. The raw power of the yang has to burn itself down to the ashes and reach the point of annihilation, for the true ‘Spirit’ of Abundance to emerge out of the form of Emotions.


Barbara Marx Hubbard:(look at the film on the sidebar)

“Act on your deepest yearning to connect

Answer the Evolution impulse

And be on the conscious and creative side of history

Go all the way to unlocking the key to your destiny

There is no greater mission then this

And we can do it together.”


Thank You:

Barbara Marx Hubbard,

Ra Uru Hu,

Evolutionairy Ambassadors.



Ra Uru Hu, Rave History TV Show

Human Design, the science of differentiation; Lynda Bunnell, Ra Uru Hu

Lectures Human Design 2027, Ra Uru Hu

OSHO Zen Tarot, The transcendental game of Zen.


29-5-2019 Delilah Verhoeven

Co-creation experience

Fasten your Seatbelts for Alchemy

About ten years ago, I travelled in the Ayahuasca plant medicine. Hypersensitive and present in the here and now. The substance of neutrinos literally sensing, rushing through my body, each and every one of them touching and cracking cells. Purely in contact with the purest part of myself or what could still be purified, touched by the packages of neutrinos. Brung to light by the filtering of the sun, the planets and other stars.

The ceremonial leader at the time usually travelled along with the medicine and mentioned out loud the changing of the tide, which I was very keen to hear: “Fasten your seatbelts and here we go!”. A roller coaster of intense emotions was launched, followed by the most insane images. Thought I’d never get out of it and the next day I stood there again, raising a glass for the Buddha; ‘for Mankind and the Earth’.

That purity in feeling then, I experience now without medicine. Then there is the tough day or part of the day again, without Ayahuasca, where there is again ‘fasten your seatbelts’. New frequencies, neutrinos come through and old values and constructions may be dissolved, released and burned out. Being present and feeling. Generally working then does not work. At least not difficult tasks. The brain slows down and asks very consciously to take action or even just to observe.

When I am in meditation I tune in. Sometimes as close as possible to the source of the focal point, to the root, or the contact point where the subconscious touches the body. It doesn’t get a chance to become an emotion, an image or a story. Because of the sharp one-pointed attention, the focus at the root is already alchemically converted. This continues until it has finished converting information.

Sometimes I am just somewhere in the surroundings of the focal point, providing space for the process. By letting the focal point expand and ‘holding space’, the unseen becomes visible and transforms itself. Then often other fireplaces pop up as well, which are touched and go along with it. If there is one sheep over the dam… release follows after release. These can be all kinds of sensations of heavy stabbing, pains, itching, pulsing, turning, pulling, pressing but also fears; mental, existential or nervous qualities which, if I let them do their job, make themselves known as shame, guilt and oppression.

The subconscious, through the control of the incoming neutrinos, also called Evolution of Mutation, allows old material or Sankara’s in the body to emerge in order to dissolve. Expressed by all kinds of vibrations in the body. No judgement, neutrality, equanimity, loving kindness in co-creation with attention in the here and now, is thé Key for the conversion to the new frequencies, to light, to synergy. It is pure Alchemy. It brings synergy in the body and in the subconscious. So inside, so outside. This is how my perception of the outside world changes.

How do I know where to tune in to? To focus on the focal point, or to give space to the process, or to be only the observer of the whole, takes a lot of practice, experience and self-study. Practice of being, surrender, not doing and start the action from here. It is mastering the mind. It is the Sacred Marriage of the masculine and feminine in progress. The synergy of the receptive and the strategic. The Whole Brain. It’s about riding my horse without reins. My horse knows the way. With confidence in life in the background. The trust frequency. I call it Conscious Evolution.

In this time the conversion of frequencies has become an almost daily activity. The frequency of the Earth is rising and we are entering a new ‘Global Cycle’. It is essential to have your instruments on board when you are asked to use them. Daily practice is a must for me. My experience in building a good basis on which to build the practice is a 10-day Vipassana course. After that, practicing this meditation technique 2 times a day for one hour will ensure the maintenance and development of the above and will bear fruit in the long run. In this time of great transformation it is essential to be able to retreat to the island of peace and quiet where your Essence can develop further.

When the light of ‘Fasten your seatbelts’ is off again, the insights will come, there will be more lightness, things will become clear, more liveliness and innovation. It has made sense again. Even though it didn’t really feel that way at the moment of the conversion. Next time I will do it again because I have No Choice! That is what I am here for. All of us, consciously or unconsciously. I go for Conscious Evolution. You too?

Delilah, Ambassador for Conscious Evolution