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Ayahuasca is a medicinal plant with an entheogenic effect.  The plant works by purifying and healing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual functioning.  Ayahuasca has been used for thousands of years by indigenous tribes in South America.  There is it called “Grandmother Ayahuasca” a female entity representing wisdom, and is considered a sacrament.


Ayahuasca is the collaboration of two plants: a MAO inhibitor (Harmala, B. Capi) and a DMT-containing plant (Mimosa Chacruna).  The MAO inhibitor allows for a solution of MAO enzyme in the liver that allows the DMT to operate in the body.  DMT provides the broadening of consciousness.  The biochemical effect, in addition to healing properties, provides the expanding consciousness with plenty of insight and wisdom.  The plant teaches you to grow into a multi-dimensional person.  During the process, thinking shifts to the heart and stomach, and you can feel it.  This presence in the heart and belly brings us into the interconnectedness of all living things.  It becomes clear to us that everything is inextricably linked.  We “feel” that we live and that we can connect to the stream of life.  This experience creates a soulful human nature that weaves itself in nature as a whole, in the biosphere of the Earth.  You are no longer separated from the outside world.


While traveling with Ayahuasca, you can experience non-duality.  The typical duality of life – judgements of good or bad, dark or light – are removed.  This experience can help you cope with duality in your every day life.  You begin to be less judgemental, you do not enter into the drama of life.  You learn what is really there.  Ayahuasca can also help you understand the dimensions of space and time.



The entheogenic effect of DMT aka “the spirit molecule” is the ability to connect to the Source, to bring the divine into being.  It creates the possibility of a new human spirituality – the experience of the divine essence at the cellular level.  Connection to the Source brings a deep inner peace and tranquillity.  It gives you confidence in life and allows you to let go in the here and now and just be.  It helps you loosen your grip on control, worry, anxiety, and suffering.  It can solve the problems of emptiness and loneliness in your life.  You can get to the Source with the help of Ayahuasca.  Ayahuasca helps to clear everything that stands between you and the Source – blockades, beliefs, traumas, karma from previous lives, etc.  We humans are able to heal everything.  We have the art of alchemy – we can transform energy.  We transform energy by fully recognizing and accepting what is.  Accepting how painful, sad, difficult (if we judge by negative energy) life is.  The total emotion (energy) that you have created for yourself can do this.


Every human being has the power to heal naturally from within.  In normal consciousness, we construct barriers against this power.  When we broaden our awareness through Ayahausca, you enter the “Holotropic States of Consciousness” ( Stanislav Grof, add citation).  During this state, the intrinsic self-healing ability can operate to all areas of human existence.  You are transformed into a state of wholeness.


Usually, we identify with only a small part of who we really are.  This limited awareness causes us to feel unbalanced and unstable.  Consider all of the many destructive contributions that we have brought to our host planet Earth.  It is time to wake up from this state of imbalance.  We can transform human consciousness and make a quantum leap in our  r-evolution through the use of Ayauasca.  We have discovered not only the powerful drug plants of the indigenous tribes – they now share their wisdom with the world.  The tribes realize that we want to hear their voices and learn from them.  Ayahuasca is the voice of nature that we can hear to tune into our human nature, integrate what we learn and apply this learning to our lives.



Although Ayahuasca can bring in all of these capabilities, that does not mean that it is a quick fix.  It cannot dissolve all of your problems at once.  Our thinking minds are constantly creating problems – once one is solved, another may arise – because of deeply ingrained patterns and traumas that we store at the cellular level.


Every seven years all of cells in our bodies are renewed.  Our identification with the thinking mind, a pattern that has been developed for thousands of years, will not be let go in one session.  One session can provide a glimpse into the possibilities we talk about here.  The real work begins in your daily life through insights and clarity that you will experience after your session of Ayahausca.  You will need to  make new decisions and exhibit different choices to shape your transformation.  Using the plant medicine many times will help deplete these layers of pattern and trauma.



How much experience do you have with introspection?  Or have you never worked before with psychedelics?  You’ve arrived to the university of Ayahuasca – begin wherever you are to start your healing process.


We will advise and guide you in this process – whether in a conversation about individual process, an individual Ayahuasca ceremony, or in a group ceremony.



For each ceremony, there is an intake and a follow-up interview.  You will receive a lot of personal attention.  It is important that your experience is safe.  We would like to contribute to your transformative healing, the coming home in your life.


The cost of a day ceremony is € 300, -.

Evening / night ceremony is € 330, –