“Into Me I See” is derived from the word Intimacy.  When I take the time to look into myself, I can develop an intimacy with my own being, with other beings, and with the entire world around me.

Intimacy is the source for all creativity.  It shows us how to transform into our authentic selves.


Jules van Beek                            Delilah Verhoeven


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Why Transformation?

Why do we focus on intimacy?  It is the only way in.  The way out is all we know.  Since time immemorial, our need for security, recognition, and external validation has ensured that our attention is directed outward to the other and to the external world.  We have sought for meaning in our lives by looking outside of our self.  This way of living does not satisfy us for long.  We learn how to protect ourselves and maintain our outer life, but still we look for meaning.  We have learned that accumulating power and status is not the answer to the problems that plague us.

What we learn in the external world is how to manipulate and control other people and our environment.  This has led to violence between people and the destruction of our planet.  We cannot blame technology and science for these destructive effects – it is the human drive to dominate that has mishandled what we have learned.  As long as we look outside ourselves for a way to feel less inferior to others or to find a sense of belonging, there will be violence and destruction in our lives and on our Earth.  Everything we have learned to survive in the external world is no longer working.  These ways are poison.  Control and manipulation will not help us to continue in our evolution.

What if we each shifted our attention 180 degrees to turn from the external world to inside ourselves?  The result would be a new human species.  We would discover the higher purpose for our lives – spiritual growth.  We could reconnect the head and the heart.  The compassion and wisdom we would find in our hearts could bring change to the billions of people living in poverty today, who suffer from hunger, are oppressed and abused by their circumstance.

Spiritual growth is not easily measured; it can’t be predicted on a set schedule.  Growth of compassion and wisdom is dependent on the intent of each individual person.  Growth comes from hard, pain-staking inner work.  The more we live in our hearts, the more we know that we cannot separate ourselves from the pain and misery of others.  Their pain is ours, our pain theirs.

At Into Me I see, we know that we are unable to simply hand out these heart qualities of compassion and wisdom to other people.  At the same time, we know that everyone has a longing for these feelings and we cannot ignore the lack of heart qualities in the world.  We want to increase awareness that spiritual growth is the next step in human evolution.  This growth will take the place of survival as the main goal of the human experience.

Spiritual growth is the exploration of the inner world.  It means that we no longer pursue external power to resolve the uncertainty that rests at the core of the human experience.  We learn how to examine our inner world to find the roots of our insecurities and to remove them.  We learn to satisfy the longing in our souls and to come into our authentic power.  We learn to collaborate rather than to compete and to give each person his fair share rather than to always collect more and more for ourselves.

We are happy to help you during the hard work of spiritual growth where you can discover the true longings of your soul and achieve your authentic power from within.

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