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23 berichten.
Jan from Japan schreef op 23 augustus 2017 om 17:44:
This was not my first experience with ayahuasa. Jules and Delilah the kindest, warmest and most genuine people imaginable. They really care about the work they are doing and really want to help you out. The experience on the first day was truly a breakthrough for me. I started to feel and understand things that have been blocked for my whole life. On the second day I furthered the transformation. All of this was largely thanks to the personalised help and great care and attention from these two wonderful people. The setting is in a very peaceful place in nature, with a wonderful garden and fresh air. In other words, I cannot imagine better guys to have on your journey. I am highly recommending them to everyone I know.
Lisa from Berlin schreef op 23 augustus 2017 om 17:43:
Deliah and Jules are two of the kindest and most loving people I've ever got to meet. When I got picked up from the train station, I actually thought I was very calm, but when I said hello to Deliah I noticed an instant shift inside of me and from that point on I was really calm. Both have such great energy that makes you feel safe, loved, and supported right away. After we had some tea, we took a walk outside. Their house is surrounded by nature, it's a truly peaceful setting. It's the perfect place to relax when you come from a hectic city. After the walk, we did some breath work, which I had never done before, but can only advise everyone to try out sometime! I didn't handle the medicine too well and spent a lot of time throwing up and retching (I don't see this as a bad thing, it felt really cleansing and brought its own lesson). Every now and then, one of the two would place their hand on my back, and I don't know what it was, but it was one of the nicest feelings. They let you walk through your journey, but make sure that you know that you are not alone. The next morning, we had breakfast together (the breakfast was so good that I emailed them later asking for the recipe), and Deliah told me about my Human Design. I found my Human Design really helpful in understanding myself better and to relax more in situations where I usually felt like I was doing something wrong and should behave differently. This was my first ceremony and it was an amazing experience. At no point was I scared (I'm a really anxious person) or uncomfortable, but instead I experienced such great love from two people that I have never met before. I couldn't have asked for better guides. I will be back.
Maria from Scotland schreef op 22 juni 2017 om 18:12:
Jules and Delilah are incredible guides, and beautiful, loving beings. We would recommend anyone called by Mother Ayahuasca to have a vogage of self discovery in Holland's beautiful countryside to spend time with them. We had a divine journey in a safe and loving environment, where we always felt welcome. The Human Design element was also very enlightening and has given us greater insight as individuals and as a couple. The organic superfood breakfasts were tasty and we loved our walk in the woods and meeting the bee keeper who gave us a taste of his honey straight from the comb. We are truly grateful to Jules and Delilah for such an empowering weekend and we will return. Maria and Stevie 10 Team 10 Medicine 10 Surroundings 10 Facilities 10 Information
Stevie from Scotland schreef op 22 juni 2017 om 18:11:
Maria and I had a wonderful weekend with Jules and Delilah. Wise, kind and radiant souls, their careful preparation, ceremony and medicine helped each of us to journey deep inside. . The ceremony and room provides a wonderful healing and energetic space to dive deep within and seek the inner light and shade of the divine matrix. The farm in Heeze is so chilled, rural, a peaceful haven. The wholesome organic breakfast prepared by Jules is a blessing (and a very tasty one 🙂 The impacts of the weekend have been profound and positive for both of us, renewal of spirit and a glow from within that holds promise. We will return........ 10 Team 10 Medicine 10 Surroundings 10 Facilities 10 Information
Ibrahim from Denmark schreef op 22 juni 2017 om 18:10:
Jules & Delilah are really caring people that love what they do. They are very friendly and helped a lot with proper guidence to mentally prepare me for this experience. When you go on a journey with ayahuasca it's really important that you have a good setting and you trust the people guiding you, because you can be so vulnerable during your journey. I have no doubt that I choosed the right people and this experience made me get to know myself better, explore new territories and gain a lot of energy to continue my life journey. Namaste 10 Team 10 Medicine 10 Surroundings 10 Facilities 10 Information
Iana from Dubai schreef op 22 juni 2017 om 18:08:
There are not enough words to describe what my experience was here. Jules and Delilah have been the most carying guides on my journey. I felt completely at home and trusted them fully. The setting is beautiful, in nature, surrounded by horses.. the ceremony room was magical and I felt very comfortable. The medicine itself was very potent for me, I went both times very deep and I got the answers and healing for exactly what i needed. Delilah also helped me to get to know myself through human design and her gentle guidance. This was my first ceremony and I travelled alone so I was very nervous, but the place and my guides have made me feel at peace and completely surrender to this wonderful experience. I am a changed, better person and I will definitely be back! 10 Team 10 Medicine 10 Surroundings 10 Facilities 10 Information
Petra, Dubai schreef op 22 juni 2017 om 18:07:
Experience of a lifetime. What you find here is truly unique. The combination of nature, animals, music, unconditional presence, individual approach, balance of feminine and masculine, absolute support yet freedom to go through your journey is just absolutely perfect. All catalyzed through pure love and no wonder you are let through miraculous journey. What's even better is that it is all vary experiential. Therefore whatever you were meant to learn really stays with beyond this place. I couldn't imagine better surrounding and guides for my first journey. So much gratitude and love for this whole experience. 10 Team 10 Medicine 10 Surroundings 9 Facilities 9 Information
Brigitte schreef op 20 april 2017 om 09:36:
Dank jullie wel voor de liefdevolle en (des)kundige begeleiding bij mijn individuele ayahuasca reis afgelopen maart. Door het vertrouwen dat jullie geven en de veilige bedding die jullie bieden om een dergelijke ervaring aan te gaan heb ik voor het eerst een stuk achter me kunnen laten. Dus nogmaals veel dank.
Marc from Scotland schreef op 1 april 2017 om 09:26:
Visiting the 'Into Me I See' healing centre for my first ayahuasca ceremonies was the single best decision I have ever made in my life. I achieved more in 3 days at this amazing place than I could ever have dreamed of in a lifetime of therapy. I would describe Jules and Delilah, who run the centre, as a perfect mix of psychologists / spiritualists / alternative therapists / kind caring souls. They are warm, loving people and I will consider them friends for life for the care and guidance they gave me on my special journey with ayahuasca. We all have emotional dysfunction of some degree passed down through generations of our family and also originating in childhood. By the time I got 'the calling' from ayahuasca I was very aware of this....however I needed to be guided on a deep inner journey to discover what was really going on. Only by journeying 'Into Me....' could 'I See' my issues and begin to resolve them. I was considering travelling to Peru to receive ayahuasca, but it is not always affordable. Also, it was a very long journey and I was a little worried about being so far from home and ending up sick. I choose the Netherlands and after a good Skype chat with Jules and Delilah, it was agreed that I would stay with them for 3 nights at their centre and do 2 ayahuasca ceremonies. Their house is on the outskirts of a small town in the south of the Netherlands and is surrounded by acres of fields with horses and sheep. There are also wooded areas and nice nature spots where we all went for relaxing walks in the sunshine after each ceremony. I really enjoyed doing this and I loved the surroundings. The walks helped make me feel more centred after each ceremony. When I first chose the Netherlands I was also a little anxious that the ceremony would not be as authentic as one in the Amazon jungle where the plant medicine is based. I feared ayahuasca would maybe not be as powerful in Europe and I would not experience the deep level of healing I needed. I was completely wrong..... Within 1 hour of taking ayahuasca on the first night I felt like I had been transported into the Amazon jungle. I literally felt as if I was part of a tribal ceremony....I could clearly hear drums, shamans, icaros....as the medicine worked through me. I could write all day about what actually happened on my first two journeys - and I was so overwhelmed / transformed / blown away by the experience that I'm currently writing a book about it all. I got so much from the 1st ceremony - the first part a bit scary and the second part pure heaven. It lasted about 4 hours. On the second night I went very deep and I faced up to the reality of how I had been hurting myself my entire life. I just couldn't see it - but ayahuasca makes you conscious and breaks open your closed heart. The second ceremony was not easy and lasted about 6 hours, but I'm so glad I faced up to what was blocking me. It has transformed my life for the better. I learned very quickly the importance of 3 key factors in your ayahuasca journey: set, setting, and intention. If you get all of those right you will undoubtedly have a life changing experience and will receive amazing insights and healing. The set is your approach to the experience and being ready and open to whatever comes up....it is not always easy, but it is always necessary. The setting is a loving warm environment with caring, knowledgeable, experienced guides who can connect with you....this is 100% what Jules and Delilah are. The intention is your clear desire for what you want healed in your life....It's very important to be focused on something specific that has plagued you or blocked your happiness, rather than just saying something vague like 'I want to be a better person'. Ayahuasca is a powerful medicine that we must all respect and Jules and Delilah are the perfect guides to take you through your journey. You will feel their warm energy and be connected to them during the ceremony. They also offer a complete integrated service, speaking with you afterwards to properly process everything that arose, discussing your human design (so interesting!), a nice house to stay in, and really tasty food they provide for you. If you feel 'the calling' of ayahuasca.....and most people who try it usually do.....then Into Me I See is absolutely the place to go. You will be in safe hands in a loving, environment with two amazing people. I look forward to my return whenever I get the call again..... Review performance: 10 Team 10 Medicine 10 Surroundings 10 Facilities 10 Information
Hugh schreef op 4 maart 2017 om 20:55:
Jules and Delilah are masters of their craft. From the moment I met them they were naturally easy-going people who made me feel welcome, and happy in their company. During my 6 day stay with Jules and Delilah I was able to experience much of what they offer including tasty meals with them at their kitchen table, stretching exercises in the morning (optional of course), Human Design System reading and conversation, walks and talks in the countryside, intimacy session, and some deeper personal work. Jules and Delilah are loving, and sincere people. Simply by being themselves, empathic and accepting they create a safe container in which ones own natural healing process is activated. In their lovely warm home, in their deep care, I was able to heal myself. If you are drawn to this kind of work, you are in capable and experienced hands with Jules and Delilah. I highly recommend 'Into me I see'.I will always remember the love and respect I felt while with Jules and Delilah, and how they facilitated my deep healing. The natural healing capacity of each human is amazing, and given the right circumstances our own ability for growth and healing will emerge. I am grateful to Jules and Delilah. It is a brand new day. Team 10, Medicine 10, Surroundings 10, Facilities 10, Information 10.
Floor V schreef op 12 februari 2017 om 14:23:
Als je ayahuasca van je Bucket list af wil strepen in het kader van 'been there, done that' dan ben je naar mijn idee hier aan het verkeerde adres. Ik was en ben altijd al op zoek naar hulp bij vergroot zelf-inzicht, begrijpen waarom ik hier ben, wat mijn rol is, wat ik kan doen om sterker in die rol te gaan staan en het gevoel en de overtuiging te hebben dat ik stapje bij beetje vooruit kom op mijn levenspad. Mensen die me kennen weten hoe uitgesproken ik kan zijn in mijn mening en hoe ik voor ogen kan hebben hoe ik het wil hebben. Vanuit ervaring en liefde zijn Delilah en Jules in staat om me mee te nemen, vol respect voor wie ik ben, niet perse vanuit wat ik voor ogen in de grote wereld van healing, maar vanuit wat me op dat moment het beste kan helpen. Ik ben nog heel onbekend in het ongelooflijk brede spectrum van healing en vind het een hele gerustelling om een stukje van het pad samen met Delilah en Jules te ontdekken. Voor mij werkt die samenwerking voor vertrouwen en leidt het tot dieper inzicht. Persoonlijk geloof ik niet dat het healing iets is dat je gewoon een keertje gedaan moet hebben, maar is het een persoonlijk pad waar zoveel mogelijkheden in zijn dat het fijn is om op iemand te kunnen vertrouwen maar vooral om daar samen in de loop van de tijd afgestemd op mijn behoeften aan te werken. Dank jullie wel voor alles dat we samen al hebben gedaan en dat wat we samen zeker ook nog gaan doen
Marjan schreef op 11 februari 2017 om 23:15:
"Er is een subtiel verschil merkbaar, van meer aanwezigheid in contact, minder vluchtigheid. Dit is een wezelijke verandering, die doorzet. Ik merk het zelf op en ik sta versteld van de eenvoud. Het voorwerk van 25 jaar persoonlijk ontwikkeling-werk zal wel meewegen, maar deze kanteling is fenomenaal. Dank aan de medicijnplant ayahuasca en het veilige team die de reis begeleidde " .
Beinte schreef op 16 december 2016 om 20:15:
Op internet had ik een aantal dingen gelezen over Ayahuasca die mij heel erg nieuwsgierig maakten, vooral het therapeutische aspect boeide mij. Ik durfde het niet alleen te doen, maar in een groep durfde ik het ook nog niet echt aan. Dus heb ik gezocht naar hoe het dan kon in Nederland. Toen ik aangekomen was, gingen we eerst een stuk wandelen in de natuur, dat was een fijne kennismaking. Eenmaal op bestemming, toen het uiteindelijk al avond was, het eerste glaasje ingenomen. Eerst voelde ik nog niks, zelfs bang dat het aan mij niet besteed was, maar op een gegeven moment kon ik de beelden niet meer onderdrukken. Eerst alleen visueel, maar daarna kwamen ook beelden van vroeger. Heel bijzonder dat je op een bepaalde manier toch helder blijft. Ik heb op die avond en nacht VEEL wijsheid meegekregen, vooral mijn gevoel volgen, VOELEN, het ‘intunen’ is de creatieve kracht die veel mogelijk maakt, en boy was er veel mogelijk! Ik kon genieten van alles wat er mogelijk was! Ik had veel Flash momenten, tijdloze momenten, mijn plek op aarde is maar 1 van de vele creaties in dit multiversum, net als alle momenten/creaties is deze ook in een flash voorbij. Ik had verwacht, en ik was ook wel een beetje nerveus, dat er pijnlijke dingen zouden zijn, maar wat ik ook deed, geen enkele ervaring (en ik heb te veel gezien om te onthouden en op te schrijven) deed me pijn! Alles is wel een bijzondere ervaring, niks is goed / fout wat dat betreft. Ik snap wel dat mensen zeggen dat Ayahuasca datgene wil vertellen, wat je op dat moment het meest nodig hebt. Het is fijn dat ik nu een heleboel dingen los kan laten en veel vragen beantwoord heb gekregen die anders altijd waren blijven sluimeren. Ik denk er nog vaak aan terug. Ik snap nu veel meer en kan mensen nu ook beter begrijpen. Als ik er aan terug denk, dan ben ik ook dankbaar voor hoe Jules en Delilah mij begeleid hebben. Jullie waren erg betrokken, en sommige hulp kwam op goede momenten. Ik denk dat de hele setting, de gezellige atmosfeer, en de voorbereiding ook meespeelden in een geslaagd avontuur.
Zjen schreef op 20 november 2016 om 17:14:
Dag heerlijke mensen, de reis die ik mocht maken en zo klaar voor was werd de openbaring van mijn leven; de eenzaamheid waar ik mee geboren ben en die mijn leven bepaalde, is ontdooit en het zinderende leven stroomt krachtig door me heen. Mijn reis is nog niet voorbij en iedere dag kan ik meer en meer uit het verleden werkelijk en authentiek loslaten. In de warme veiligheid met Delilah, Jules en Bas als begeleiding was alles mogelijk en gebeurde ook alles. IK voel me intens dankbaar dat Vrouwe Ayahuasca zo vrijgevig is voor mij. Ik ben het. Dank jullie wel. ( sorry dat ik wel de fruit/zaadjes/havermout pap opat maar toch mijn broodje niet meer op kreeg)
Hugo schreef op 14 november 2016 om 21:50:
Een dikke dankjewel voor een heel mooi weekend. Nu, een paar dagen later, kijk ik terug op de mooie gebeurtenissen en fijne verzorging. Jullie hebben een mooie veilige setting neergezet, en door de oefeningen een goede voorbereiding laten ontstaan voor de Ayahuasca ceremonie. Jullie hebben dat gedaan met zachtmoedigheid en vertrouwen in jullie eigen kunnen. Tijdens het gewijde reizen ondersteunden jullie waar nodig of gewenst en stoorden jullie niet waar alles prima ging zoals het ging. Heel prettig en geborgen. Na het reizen kregen jullie het zelfs voor elkaar om als fruit vermomd godenvoedsel te presenteren. De volgende dag, na een gezellig ontbijt met superfoods en een heus broodje kaas met pesto werd ik met mijn ontballaste fijnere ik 🙂 een stuk lichter dan de aankomst de dag daarvoor weer precies op tijd op het station afgeleverd. En nu, nu ik wacht op mijn vergeten spullen die door jullie op de post worden gedaan, is het plaatje helemaal goed. Delilah, Jules en Bas, van harte bedankt.
Linda schreef op 14 november 2016 om 18:56:
Lieve Deliah, Jules en Bas, Mijn dank is groot voor deze mooie intense eerste reis naar binnen met haar, de Ayahuasca. Ik heb dit mogen delen met een hele fijne groep mensen in een relaxte veilige, omgeving. Het begon als een psychedelische film dat leidde tot zo'n verwondering van al die prachtige beelden en schoonheid die mij bij de bron brachten. Daarna kwamen de issues aan bod en de oplossingen. De godin Kali was aan mijn zijde en natuurlijk het team die elkaar afwisselde om mij liefdevol te ondersteunen waar nodig was. Wordt vervolgd..........Hartegroet Linda
Ivo schreef op 2 november 2016 om 07:57:
Soms neemt het leven weg wat ik zo enorm lief heb het maakt deelmoedig en eng. Maar het kan nodig zijn, zodat ik kan horen. Mijn Arena, Groots en Onaangetast Mijn Demonen, mijn Last. Alles verliet mijn Arena in de rechterbovenhoek. Wat overblijft is Mijn Eigen Grote Mooie Ruimte. Mijn plek! Waar ik heerlijk blijven kan. Dankbaarheid...... Daar Leef ik van. De 'filters' vielen weg van mijn ogen. Zuiver kijken, met het Hart zien. Niet afgeleid door details. Dat is wat wij mogen. Leven met je hart. Dat is het voor mijn part.
Clive and Lorraine schreef op 20 januari 2016 om 21:53:
Ayahuasca retreat ( 5 ceremonies in 11 days). We felt positive about our experience with ayahuasca. It has given us a feeling of well-being and inner cleansing. On coming home we noticed that a calmness and a readiness prevailed to tackle many of the issues that life throws up. Concentration has improved. It was a great experience to be guided by this sacred medicine as it has opened up new doors. We also feel physically fitter. The setting was perfect for the ceremonies and the atmosphere was enhanced by wonderful music. The food offered as the diet was chosen with care. It was delicious. We experienced a sense of deep happiness on every occasion. It was as if we had been continuously granted enhanced senses. Music sounded much better. We feel that many toxins had been released from our bodies. We lost weight and look the better for it. Indeed, we have been told that we even look younger. Jules was an excellent guide for the journey. He was always attentive in a caring, loving and respectful way and his expansive knowledge was impressive. They were excellent facilitators. Delilah complemented Jules in a harmonious and intuitive way. It was an excellent experience and there is nothing here to say except thank you. We give a total recommendation for this experience.
barbara schreef op 20 januari 2016 om 21:38:
Jullie begeleiding heb ik als zeer ondersteunend, liefdevol en warm ervaren. Wat ben ik blij dat jullie bij me bleven, voelde me zo gekoesterd en veilig tussen en naast jullie. Dank hiervoor! Waardeer het zo. Delilah, ik vind je een heel zuiver, zacht en mooi mens Jules, wat een zachte, wijze man.
Johannes Schneider schreef op 20 januari 2016 om 21:19:
PTSS traject: When I first came to Jules and Delilah, I was suffering from CPTSD (Complex Posttraumatic Stress Disorder) caused by traumatic childhood events, including sexual, psychological, emotional and physical violence. Side effects were social anxiety and depression. I had tried various forms of psychotherapy, including cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis and MBSR, which all did some good, but none of them seemed to get to the root of the problem. After 3 visits and about 6 sessions (my visits lasted about 2 ½ days each) over the period of 6 months I can honestly say that I am on the way to complete recovery. I could not anticipate how effective the treatment with entheogens and the right guidance is, 10 years of psychotherapy could not nearly replace the healing effects that these 3 visits to holland had on my wellbeing. Of course the sessions involve getting very deep into ones feelings and emotions, it is an intense experience and you have to be ready for it. Jules and Delilah are very trustworthy, genuine and loving people, and incredibly competent in guiding one through the journeys to ones inner self. The atmosphere they provide is very calm, loving and relaxed, which helps the progress of healing tremendously. The breakfast is amazing! 🙂 I can't thank them enough for the help they provided me, also in becoming the unity of father, son and holy ghost, which is neat!