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Into me I see = intimacy. Is looking into yourself.

Opening up to your essence and connecting to your lifeforce.

Into me I see is a movement of Jules and Delilah-Maria to shape a new world through supporting people in a transformation process. We are a small consciousness/healing center with lots of individual support for a lengthy healing process. We offer personal customizations. We guide this process using powerful tools such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Human Design and other medicines or techniques. You can stay for intens healing work a couple of days or week in a silent place in nature. We can also guide small groups till 8 persons.


There is no instant healing or a quick fix. We or a medicine can’t heal you. The body is an intelligent being. Capable of healing itself in the right environmental qualities. Three things are crucial to be correct and in balance: Set, Setting, Medicine.

It is important that the right medicine or technique is being used. Ayahuasca is not always the answer or will work effectively on you. We work with several sacred medicineplants, healingchemicals, body-dearmouring, energetic massage, breathwork, Human Design and tantric session. To be sure that you get the best medicines, we know what’s their origin and after long experience of brewing, we have our personal recipe to make quality brews.

Setting: It is of great importance that you feel at ease and safe, i.e. that you can surrender to what arises? We are ‘holotropic’ guides, what means that we respect the own healing intelligence of the body. Our awareness will hold the space for you to travel, explore and heal.

Set: What is your intention? Are you “ready” to go and look at what arises? Are you able to “ carry” yourself? Are you healthy, balanced and independant? We explore this with you in an intake.


We have a quiet place without distractions or disturbances from the outside. Our center is located on the edge of a large nature reserve outside a small village in the south of the Netherlands. It is a manor surrounded by meadows, moors and forests. Also a lot of animals: horses, cows, sheeps and birds. We have two beautifully decorated ceremony rooms. A small one for one or two people and a bigger room for eight people. We have two toilets and a bathroom. We have a private garden and a big kitchen. There is wifi. It’s the only wifi router that effects us. The energy in the house is cleared and facilitating the process. We have two young lovely cats. You can easily travel to us by train. There’s a trainstation in the village.


We always do an intake process, and we prefer to do this on Skype or live. In that way we can see and feel each other. We talk about your intention and your request for help. We also want to know your background, who you are, how your mental en psychical health is, what you’ve done before on personal growth and development. It’s important for us that you can take care of yourself. You are in balance.

We propose to you what the next step might be. It is important that you know that not everybody is ready to take Ayahuasca. When we come to the right treatment, we set a date. Then we’ll send you an email with the necessary information about practical things and how to prepare for your session or ceremony. You can always contact us when things are not clear.


After the ceremony/session we evaluate. Mostly after a night sleep. We can help you to place what happened in a greater context. We give you some practical advise and talk about your journey/session. One advise we can give you upfront; Take a few days to relax with no busy schedule. It take’s time to integrate the experience. We make an appointment for a skype session where we support you further in your healing process. If necessary we are available for direct questions or support.

The insights you got is one thing, the other thing is how you integrate this in daily live. What you’ve learned and saw can’t be undone. What you’ve become consciousness, can’t become unconsciousness. It is your responsibility to take the first steps in your new live, to make the change, to make the difference for yourself. We can only support you.

Speaking: Dutch, English and German

Look also at our page at Ayamundo.

Do you have a question about Into me I See or do you want to take a treatment please contact us.


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